Arcadi Blasco is a contemporary Spanish painter known for his abstract and geometric artworks. Born in Valencia, Spain, Blasco has gained recognition for his unique artistic style that combines elements of geometry, color theory, and optical illusions.

Blasco's paintings often feature precise lines, shapes, and vibrant colors, creating a sense of visual depth and movement. His compositions are meticulously crafted, with careful attention to detail and precision. He explores the interplay between geometric forms, using repetition, symmetry, and asymmetry to create intricate patterns and visual rhythms.

The artist's works have been exhibited in galleries and art fairs in Spain and internationally, showcasing his talent and mastery of geometric abstraction. Blasco's paintings have been praised for their dynamic and engaging nature, inviting viewers to explore the interaction between form, color, and perception.

While specific biographical information about Arcadi Blasco may be limited, his artwork reflects his dedication to geometric abstraction and his exploration of visual aesthetics. To delve further into his art, I recommend searching for his paintings online or visiting galleries that may feature his work.